Beginner Tips for Python Hunting in Florida

    Plenty of people aren't the biggest fans of snakes, and most Floridians would be happy if all the pythons left the state and never returned. However, this invasive species has made itself comfortable in the Sunshine State. Of course, with a status like “apex predator,” we can't blame them.

    So, how do we tame the booming population of these dangerous animals? By hunting them. This is a thrilling yet challenging hunt, and to help you out, we've listed some top tips for python hunting in Florida. 

    Best Hunting Times

    If you’re planning a hunting trip, you should know the best time of year to go. Typically, pythons are more active in the evening or at night during the summer months, so it's usually best to hunt them late at night to avoid Florida's humidity. Winter is the best time to go hunting because these snakes can't beat the temptation to lay in the warm Everglades sun. This makes it easier to sneak up on them to go in for the kill.

    Look Carefully

    As you hunt for pythons, you may assume that you should look for their brown, spotted pattern. However, doing so can make the hunt harder since that pattern allows them to camouflage with dark foliage around them. Instead, look for movement or the shiny appearance of the moon reflecting off its scales.

    You should also keep your eyes open and listen carefully for any rustling. While these snakes aren't venomous, an adult python can still cause painful and even fatal injuries. This is also why most professional hunters highly recommend bringing a hunting partner or guide with you.

    Hire the Best Guide

    Woods to Waters Outfitters offers guided python hunting in Florida. As trained experts, we'll take you on the adventure of a lifetime. We have over five decades of experience, so we can teach you all the best information about the Everglades.

    Understand Hunting Regulations

    Unlike other types of hunting, python hunting does not require a permit. However, you have to kill the python humanely. This means only using shots that will kill the creature right away. Likewise, if you hunt on private lands, you need permission from the owner to track the animal since it's on their property.

    It Isn't Easy

    Our final beginner python hunting tip in Florida is crucial. This type of hunt is the thrill of a lifetime. In the Floridian hunting community, pythons are "trophy hunts" because of how challenging it is to kill one, making the reward grand. The hunt isn't just about getting that "trophy." This outdoor activity is also about the adventure and amazing stories you'll have because of the experience. 

    Pythons pose a major threat to the Everglades' fragile ecosystem and kill many animals native to Florida. By going on a python hunt, you're helping tame the population, so this beautiful landscape can restore itself and remain the breathtaking site it is.


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