Generally, when we hear about fishing in Florida, we think of saltwater fish. However, the Everglades is incredibly diverse and home to both saltwater and freshwater species. Woods To Waters offers numerous services, including pairing you up with the most experienced Florida freshwater fishing guides, so anyone booking with us can find the best places to cast a line.   

Why Go Freshwater Fishing? 

If you're an avid fisherman, then checking out the freshwaters of the Everglades may be the perfect adventure for you. Here, you'll find various freshwater fish species ranging from largemouth bass to clown knife fish. Each catch promises a different thrill, a new story.  

A trip to the vast Everglades is the perfect opportunity to become one with nature as you embark on your fishing expedition. With so much water to explore, you'll find the ideal spot to cast a line to reel in a big one! 

Florida freshwater fishing is also ideal for those who may not have much experience with saltwater fishing. It's a great way to ease into the sport and learn the ropes before venturing into more challenging saltwater environments. 

Hire a Guide 

Navigating the labyrinth of waterways in the Everglades can be challenging to anyone unfamiliar with the massive ecosystem.  Woods To Waters offers professional tours, such as Florida bass fishing trips, to help you navigate the environment. 

We draw on decades of knowledge about the landscape, plus we know the prime fishing spots and techniques required to ensure a successful catch. With our assistance, your fishing adventure becomes a journey of discovery and excitement! 


Why Hire Woods To Waters? 

At Woods To Waters, we believe in creating experiences that are exhilarating, memorable, and safe. We understand the allure of the wild and the call of the Everglades, and we want to share this experience with you. Our passion for nature and commitment to providing the best service make us the ideal choice for your freshwater fishing adventure.  

Florida Freshwater Fishing Guides