If you’re looking for the most fun you could ever dream of, an iguana hunt is where it’s at. Iguanas are one of many invasive species to the Everglades, and like many non-native creatures, they damage the ecosystem. But guided iguana hunting in Florida helps lessen their numbers and protect the environment. 


Why Hunt Iguanas? 

Iguanas have left a negative impact on Florida’s natural beauty. These reptiles destroy the landscape and eat plants that are native to the Everglades. And because they aren’t normally from the area, they don’t have the same predators they would in their native environments. This has resulted in the explosive growth of this population that has destroyed vegetation in the Everglades.  


Why Choose Woods To Waters? 

When you book your hunting adventure with Woods To Waters, you get to plan an iguana hunting tour in Florida that’s guided from start to finish. The Florida Everglades is a vast landscape, and if you don’t know how to navigate it, you could get lost. Our guide, Captain Bill Howard, has years of experience in the great outdoors and will provide you with the guidance you need.  

If you don’t own a gun but want to hunt, don’t worry! We’ll supply you with one of our guns without any additional charges.  

Florida iguana hunting is a thrill for all people, and you’ll do some good for the environment while having a blast. Up to six people can go on the iguana hunt, but we only allow there to be two shooters at a time to ensure everyone remains safe while having fun.  


Book Your Adventure 

When you book with us, you’ll go on an adventure in the Everglades to track and hunt these invasive reptiles. It’s time to plan the excursion of a lifetime! Contact Woods to Waters by calling (772) 708-3747 to book your Florida Iguana hunting tour.

Florida Iguana Hunting