Not much tops the fun you’ll have on a Florida duck hunt. Most hunters will tell you that South Florida is one of the best places to hunt ducks in this region of the United States. At Woods to Waters, you can add this thrilling adventure to your vacation in the Sunshine state.   


Why Hunt Ducks?  

Duck hunting is a great activity for hunters of any level. This activity is easy enough for a beginner yet is thrilling and fun for the pros. Typically, these hunts occur in Lake Okeechobee’s marshy region, where you’ll track various duck species. Some of these species include the wood duck, mottled duck, red-necked duck, ruddy duck, and bufflehead duck.  

Duck hunting season usually begins in September and reaches its peak during December and January. Moreover, ideal hunting times are a half hour before sunrise or a half hour after sunset. Going on a Florida duck hunt at the perfect time increases your chances of success. This is a great way to add excitement to your vacation in the Sunshine State.  


Hiring a Guide  

With a professional Florida duck hunting guide at your side, this activity becomes more fun and safer. You may know how to hunt, but the Everglades are massive, and if you don’t know your way around, navigating the area become dangerous. This unique wetland is also home to alligators, pythons, and other predators. Leave it to the professionals to take you to the ideal spots for hunting birds so that you can enjoy your time outside.  


Why Choose Woods to Waters?  

Woods to Waters Outfitters is your top choice for duck hunting outfitters in Florida. Captain Bill Howard has over five decades of experience in hunting and navigating the Everglades. Hire a guide to teach you about the beautiful Everglades and how to hunt ducks.  


Contact Us  

Book your Florida duck hunting trip today by calling (772) 708-3747. Go on an adventure that’ll be the highlight of your vacation!  

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