• A Brief Guide To Gear for Python Hunting

    Attention all wildlife enthusiasts and python hunters! Have you ever dreamed of delving into the dense Floridian wilderness and tracking down one of nature’s most fascinating reptiles? Preparing for a safe and successful python hunt requires not just bravery and skill but also the right gear. The right equipment protects you while enhancing your overall hunting experience, allowing you to focus on the chase and the thrill of the catch. Follow this brief guide to the perfect python hunting gear t…

  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid on Your First Hunting Trip

    Did you get invited to your first hunting outing? Hunting for the first time can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s not all fun and games. Even seasoned hunters can make mistakes, and as a newbie, you should learn from those who’ve been there before and avoid these common pitfalls. At Woods to Waters, we know a thing or two about hunting, so we’ve put together this list of five mistakes to avoid on your first hunting trip. Skipping the Safety Precautions Safety should always be your top pri…

  • What Are the Different Types of Wild Hogs in Florida?

    Did you know that Florida is home to various species of wild hogs? These fascinating creatures, often associated with dense forests and thrilling hunting experiences, can be quite a sight to behold. We will explore the different types of wild hogs in Florida in our post below, whether you’re already familiar with these four-legged beauties or simply curious to learn more. Identifying these animals can help you make the most of your hog-hunting adventure. Types of Wild Hogs in Florida Florida is …

  • Alligators vs. Crocodiles: How Do Hunters Tell Them Apart?

    Alligators and crocodiles, often mistaken for each other, have key differences. Learn to identify these differences to enhance your hunting skills.

  • 4 Myths and Misconceptions About Hunting

    Hunting myths often mislead, “It’s dangerous, disrupts nature, and is only for men!” Ethical hunting respects wildlife, maintains balance, and is for everyone.