Bowfishing is a fun activity to do in the beautiful Everglades, and it helps reduce fish overpopulation in this diverse landscape. Woods to Waters is your top pick for a guide company to take you on a Florida bowfishing adventure as you explore the Everglades.

Why Go Bowfishing?

This is an extraordinary activity if you love fishing and hunting because it combines the two in a single experience. Bowfishing takes both pastimes to the next level since you’ll use a bow and arrow to shoot at and catch the fish. This activity also encourages hunters to fish for invasive species that disrupt the fragile beauty of the Everglades.   

A bowfishing tour is ideal for night owls and allows you to venture through this awe-inspiring landscape once the sun goes down. When scheduling this service with us, you can bring your own bow to hunt or use one of ours without the worry of an extra charge.   

Hiring a Guide  

The Everglades are massive, and navigating this environment independently is not recommended for a novice. A professional guide knows the best places to hunt, when to go, and how to remain safe. Remember, when you go to the Everglades, you visit the home of native predators such as alligators and invasive threats like pythons and wild boars. A guide will keep you safe so you can dedicate your focus to bowfishing and making memories.  

Why Choose Woods to Waters? 

Our Florida bowfishing tours are your top option because we share your love for the outdoors. A Woods to Water bowfishing trip is an intensive personal experience for only one to two hunters; however, you can add more people for an additional cost. And most importantly, your guide, Captain Bill Howard, has over 50 years of experience hunting and navigating this landscape.   

Contact Us  

Reach out to our team today to plan your thrilling day of bowfishing in the Everglades. You’ll reach the Woods to Waters team by calling (772) 708-3747. Make your trip to Florida an unforgettable adventure! 

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