Planning a Family Hunting Trip to Florida: What To Know

    Hunting is a thrilling outdoor activity, and nothing beats going on a hunt in the Florida Everglades. There are all kinds of animals and invasive species you can track. This is also a great activity for families with older or grown children since everyone can join in on the exciting adventure. But, before you go, there are a few things to know about how to plan a family hunting trip to Florida. 

    Consider the Season

    You can’t just go to Florida and hunt anything. Specific animals are in season at certain times of the year, and tracking them in the off-season could land you with a citation. You want your family hunting vacation to be fun, not grounds for legal action. As such, take some time to research the animals that are safe to hunt before leaving. This also helps you plan when to go on your Florida hunting trip, especially if you want to pursue specific animals, such as alligators.  

    Understand State Laws

    In Florida, you need to have a permit to hunt specific animals. Similarly, you can only hunt in designated areas; you certainly don’t want to trespass onto a property that forbids hunting. Understanding local hunting regulations is important because you don’t want to get caught up in the thrill of a hunt only for things to fall apart when you accidentally break the law.

    Consider Your Experience Level

    Another thing to know about planning a family hunting trip in Florida is that your experience levels matter. You may be a hunting pro, but other family members could be newbies. In this instance, it’s usually best to decide on a hunt that’s more beginner-level. Hunting for pythons is exciting but also challenging, making it a good option. On the other hand, fishing is easy and fun for every age group. 

    Wear the Right Gear

    When you go hunting, be sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can easily get around in. Many pro hunters wear camouflage to blend in with the wilderness and lessen the risk of scaring off their game. The best shade of camo depends on your environment and the time of year. You also may need to wear boots, especially if you plan to walk through a swampy area like the wetlands.

    Consider layering your clothing so that you don’t overheat or feel too cold. All the excitement of a hunt can get your heart pumping, and you may want to shed a layer or two to accommodate the Florida heat.

    Hire a Guide

    The Florida wilderness is massive and if you’re not an expert, trying to navigate the land is no easy task. Look for hunting outfitters you can hire as a guide to help you get around on your adventure. This way, you can focus entirely on searching for your game! Read through past customer reviews and the services offered by the outfitter to make the best choice.

    If you want to go hunting in the Everglades, Woods to Waters Outfitters is the guide company for you. The Everglades is a unique and beautiful landscape filled with all sorts of animals to hunt. Fishing is a family favorite and the perfect activity for people of all ages! It’s time for you to plan the outdoor adventure of a lifetime. 


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