5 Problems Caused by Feral Hogs in Florida

    Florida—home to large orange groves, the Miami Dolphins, natural springs, beautiful beaches . . . and wild pigs? The Sunshine State has been dealing with an increasing problem of invasive species, including feral hogs. If you’re from central Florida, you may have seen a wild pig or two waltzing in the streets. These wild hogs have been terrorizing Florida for hundreds of years and are popular to hunt in over 67 counties in Florida. But why are feral hogs a problem? Why do residents hunt them down? Let us explain the five problems feral hogs cause in Florida, and we’ll let you be the judge. 

    They Destroy Agriculture in Florida

    Feral swine destroy anything in sight, including crops and livestock. You mainly see wild hogs gathering around wheat, sugar cane, rice, oats, and fruits. However, they don’t discriminate and won’t pass up a free meal—they’ll eat anything! Wild hogs can also spread diseases to your livestock and cause huge economic losses for farmers.

    Feral Hogs Damage Our Natural Resources 

    Florida is known for its beautiful landscapes and abundance of natural resources. However, wild hogs are causing damage to Florida’s environment. They’re uprooting rare plants, causing erosion, consuming large crops, and more. Feral hogs are also impacting Florida’s wildlife by competing with native animals for food sources, altering the food chain.

    They Ruin Our Important Landmarks

    Wild hogs don’t care. If there’s dirt and vegetation, they’re digging in. Because of this, feral hogs have damaged many cultural and historic landmarks in Florida. Although these invasive hogs were brought here as a gift in the 1500s, these pigs have disturbed cemeteries, burial grounds, Air Force bases in the Florida Panhandle, and more.

    They Can Ruin Your Landscaping

    If you live in Florida, you know that having fresh-cut green grass and a freshly landscaped yard is the standard for most neighborhoods and communities. But how can you have that perfectly manicured yard if a wild hog is rummaging through your plants and bushes?

    If feral hogs are in your area, they destroy anything they see and have a field day doing it. From golf courses to cemeteries to your backyard, wild hogs don’t care.

    Wild Hogs Are a Threat to Public Health

    One of the main problems of feral hogs in Florida is that they’re a threat to public health and safety. These aggressive swine can carry over 30 diseases and parasites that can infect people, pets, and wildlife. Wild hogs can also carry E. coli, trichinosis, and toxoplasmosis, which can transmit through food and crops. Some areas also risk having their water contaminated through irrigation canals.

    Feral hogs are aggressive toward humans and will show their muscles unprovoked. This is causing problems all over north, central, and south Florida, and we’re here to help. At Waters to Woods Outfitters, we offer a guided wild boar hunt in Florida to minimize the feral hog problem. Contact us today to schedule a tour to protect our communities and natural resources, or learn more about what a Florida hog hunt is like.


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